Dean Gunnarson has attempted some of the most amazing and daring escapes the world has ever seen!  From the Great Wall of China to the ancient Pyramids of Egypt , the Glaziers of Iceland or the Amazon rain forest of South America.  Niagara Falls, Hoover Dam or the bright lights of Las Vegas. From Hollywood to Nashville and Broadway,  Dean has preformed from one end of this earth to the other!  He has traveled around the world entertaining people with his unique style of escaping while always putting wonder or laughter on peoples faces.  Here is a few of them:


NBC TV Special "The World's Most Dangerous Magic I" - Hoover Dam -- Las Vegas, USA

Dean headlines this TV Special escape NBC is calling "Challenge at HooverDam". It is without a doubt the greatest strait jacket escape in history!   >>>more

NBC TV Special "The World's Most Dangerous Magic II" - Gatorbait -- Florida, USA

Dean Gunnarson, hangs by his toes over a pit filled with hungry alligators. Chained and strait jacketed Gunnarson has to free himself before the leaping and snapping alligators can eat him alive.  >>>more

Aerosmith's 9 Lives CD Release Party -- New York, USA

The World's Greatest Escape Artist, who has defied Death on numerous occasions. Who better to participate in Aerosmith's "9 Lives" CD Release than a man who challenges the Grim Reaper every day?    >>>more

The Triple Decker of Car-nage -- Vancouver, Canada

Escape Artist Dean Gunnarson's life hangs in the balance... just a split second from a fiery and crushing death...  >>>more

Airplane Jump -- Japan

In Japan Dean Gunnarson jumps from an airplane at 13,500 feet while handcuffed to the waist and strapped firmly into a strait jacket.   >>>more

Car Crusher -- Los Angeles, USA

Television special, "Spectacular World of Guinness Records" in Los Angeles for which he earned one of two placements in The Guinness Book of World Records.   >>>more

Chinese Water Torture Cell -- Tokyo, Japan

Dean was presented with the Houdini Award during a two hour television special, "Magic Star," hosted by Tony Curtis. Dean was honoured with the show's grand finale during which he performed Houdini's famous Chinese Water Torture Cell.   >>>more

Milk Can -- Los Angeles, USA

The live telecast launching Dean Gunnarson to world wide recognition, "The Search for Houdini," aired October 31st, 1987, hosted by William Shatner.   >>>more

Packing Crate -- San Juan, Puerto Rico

As part of a television special for "Zafate" in Puerto Rico, Dean Gunnarson performs another spectacular water escape from a chained packing crate.   >>>more

NBC TV Special "Magic in the Magic Kingdom" - Shark Cage -- Disneyland, USA

George Burns hosted the NBC television special from Disneyland, "Magic in the Magic Kingdom." Guests included Siegfried & Roy, Lance Burton, Harry Anderson and Dean Gunnarson.   >>>more

Strait Jacket Escape -- Winnipeg Free Press Building, Winnipeg, Canada

Houdini spent two minutes extricating himself from a strait jacket while hanging from the Winnipeg Free Press Building. Dean humbly bested Houdini's escape time...   >>>more

Submerged Oak Barrel -- Vancouver, Canada

Dean came up with this daring escape while working with Imax films...  >>>more

Submerged Coffin -- Winnipeg, Canada

Johnny Carson referred to Dean Gunnarson as "That Crazy Canadian" on "The Tonight Show" after learning the escape artist barely eluded death...   >>>more

Suspended from a Burning Rope -- Udupi, India

A historic escape in front of a record crowd of over 50,000. Suspended upside down over 150 feet in the air by a burning rope while strait jacketed and cuffed with police handcuffs.   >>>more

The Punishment Suit -- Caracas, Venezuela

Two members of the Caracas City Police bound Dean in "The Punishment Suit" live on National Venezuelan television.   >>>more

The Great Downtown Escape -- Bangkok, Thailand

Dean was in Thailand to perform on a T.V. show there called "Amazing World Record Holders".   >>>more

Stingray Escape -- Honolulu, Hawaii

Chained and padlocked by police Dean was thrown into a 260,000 gallon salt water aquarium, the home of a giant 9 ½ foot deadly stingray.   >>>more

The return Of Houdini -- Iceland and Europe a new and original theatre production that tells the life story of Harry Houdini in a unique and entertaining style.   >>>more

World Wide Police Challenges -- Various International Locations

In the tradition of Harry Houdini, Dean Gunnarson has faced numerous police challenges over his career.    >>>more

Cairo, Egypt    Beijing, China    Reykjavik, Iceland    Bogota, Columbia    Milan, Italy   Taipei, Taiwan



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