Dean Gunnarson in Chains
Dean Gunnarson
Dean Gunnarson in Chains
Torture Cell
Chinese Water Torture Cell Escape
Dean in Chains
Dean Gunnarson in Chains
Dean Gunnarson in Chains
Dean Gunnarson in Chains
Dean Gunnarson in Chains
Dean in Chains
World's Most Dangerous Magic II - NBC TV

"Escape Artist Dean Gunnarson - Show Types"

Stage Shows

Dean Gunnarson has entertained and amazed audiences across the U.S.A., Canada and around the world with his exciting and truly one of a kind stage shows.  He can perform anywhere from a 4-6 minute guest spot or headline for 90 minutes with his full stage show of amazing and incredible escapes.  There is always lots of hands on audience participation mixed with edge of your seat excitement in every show. Gunnarson adds tons of humour and laughter to help the audience escape for a few moments when anything becomes possible.

Dean's knowledge and versatility with over 20 years of performance skills allows him to adapt to different size stages and audiences very quickly.  He is also a great Master of Ceremonies.  Dean is a true professional that is easy to work with and will work hard to personalize your event to have the impact you want on your audience. He will cleverly work in the show ways to promote a product, sponsor or company in a way the audience will always remember.

Whether it's a corporate event, an intimate setting or a large theatre, your audience with never forget the entertaining, funny and motivational escapes of the legendary escape artist, Dean Gunnarson!

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Great Escapes

Dean Gunnarson has created and performed more great escapes to audiences world wide then anyone in history!  He has been seen on television in over 65 countries around the world attempting some of his original, unique and daring escapes. Dean especially enjoys performing for live audiences. Outdoor events like fairs, shopping malls, boat shows, intermissions at major sporting events or grand openings are a few of the events that Dean has wowed audiences.

Dean has attracted crowds in the tens of thousands to come witness some of his greatest escapes while promoting his stage show in new cities. He has attracted front page media attention and television coverage wherever his escapes have taken him. Even in countries such as India, where over 50,000 people came to witness his amazing escape, to Egypt, China, Thailand, Columbia, Italy, Iceland, France, Canada, and the U.S.A. Thousands have cheered as Dean makes his successful escapes bringing media coverage to his sponsors in a way people will never forget. Have Gunnarson design something new and unique for your event or a take a look at a few of his great escapes from around the world.

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Motivational Speaking

Dean Gunnarson has taken his vast experiences as an escape artist traveling around the  world achieving the impossible and created a series of motivational presentations. People eagerly sit and listen to the lessons and techniques that he has learned from years of escaping. Dangling over man-eating alligators, locked in shark cages under water, hanging by his toes 726 feet over Hoover Dam in Las Vegas , thrown out of airplanes chained and handcuffed at 13,000 feet or crushed in a car, are a few of the amazing escapes he talks about. Why does Dean do these things? Is he afraid? What does his mother think? You wont find out the secrets of his escapes, but you will leave knowing things that are even more important to you!

Learn how to use the techniques of visualization in over coming your daily fears. Learn the best technique in preparing for meetings, addressing an audience or even a school presentation. Dean will inspire and teach you ways of improving your future in ways you never imagined. See how your audience gets motivated to achieve the impossible in their daily lives. Dean gives them the courage, hope, determination and the skills to believe in themselves no matter who they are or where they have come from. He uses many personnel examples of over coming huge obstacles in his life and doing things that people said could not be done!

Dean Gunnarson's personal story is even more amazing then his greatest of escapes. Get up close and personal with a truly unique individual that has over come cancer, escaped death while trapped inside a coffin underwater, and is dealing with the loss of two fingers when his right hand was crushed in a near fatal car crash. Dean has several motivational presentations he can do which can be combined with a live demonstration and/or video footage of some of his most incredible escapes. He will personally construct each presentation to fit in the time required and to the audience he is speaking with.  Dean is currently writing a book that will be a motivational autobiography. The book is due to be released later this year.

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Dean has worked as a technical advisor and consultant on major motion pictures,   TV shows, theatrical productions, music videos, documentaries and many different types of corporate productions. He has been asked to share his expertise and knowledge on Houdini with The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel as well as numerous publications. He has even worked with The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. on their extensive Houdini collection. One of his most rewarding projects was working as a magic advisor to Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley on the set of the children's movie entitled "Spooky House". The movie also used some of Dean's extensive collection of magic props, handcuffs and historic Houdini memorabilia he has collected from around the world.

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A Partial List of Satisfied Clients
Walt Disney Corporation
N.B.C. Television
Magic Mountain Six Flags
Tribune Entertainment
Seattle Boat Show
50 th State Fair
Ottawa Boat Show
Pacific National Exhibition
Dallas Cowboys
B.C. Lions
Great West Life Insurance
Manitoba Telephone System
University of Manitoba
Dragon Boat Festival
Entertainment Tonight
Can West Global Television
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Victoria Hospital Foundation
Manitoba Cancer Foundation
Sunshine Kids
Bristol Aerospace
Fed-Rite Feeds
Royal Bank of Canada
Milk Marketing Board
Business Development Bank of Canada
Society of American Magicians
Shell Oil Company
Children’s Wish Foundation
Rainbow Society
Penn Centre Shopping Mall
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