"Oak Barrel Escape - Vancouver, Canada"

Oak Barrel Escape - Vancouver, CanadaDean originally came up with this daring escape while working with Imax films and the legendary daredevils that went over Niagara Falls in various types of barrels. Dean was handcuffed, leg ironed, chained and padlocked inside an old wooden barrel. The barrel, with Dean in it, was raised by a crane and then lowered into the ocean bay next to the famous Science World in Vancouver.
Tens of thousands of people stood nervous with baited breath as Dean was imprisoned underwater. The clock slowly ticked. One minute. Two minutes. Two and a half minutes…

Oak Barrel Escape - Vancouver, Canada

Nearly three minutes after Dean was forced underwater, he finally broke the surface of the ocean .With the restraints held high above his head, the crowd roared with applause of his amazing escape.
Oak Barrel Escape - Vancouver, Canada

Dean Gunnarson has escaped from the legendary (R.C.M.P.) Royal Canadian Mounted Police more then any other person alive. He also tries to test his ability with many of the police departments where he has preformed across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Dean has the utmost respect for all the Policemen he has had the honour to be manacled by and has developed long lasting friendships with many of them. Dean salutes them all for the difficult and dangerous job they do every day for the benefit of all of our communities.


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