"Suspended from a Burning Rope - Udupi, India"

Suspended from a Burning Rope - Udupi, India The Straight Jacket Escape by Dean Gunnarson - first ever to be held in India. He was secured by a straight jacket and chained by the Police Authorities. Handcuffs which were borrowed from the Police on stage and were used to secure Dean. His legs were tied to a crane with the help of a rope made of cloth and it was set on fire. Dean was lifted to a height of 152 feet at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. At this height, he made his escape and came down before the burning rope could snap off. The ears became senseless with the sound of the applause of the crowd.

Suspended from a Burning Rope - Udupi, IndiaSuspended from a Burning Rope - Udupi, India

The record crowd was estimated to be over 50,000. After the historic escape act, the Outdoor Event was concluded with the felicitation by Smt. Rani Satish (Minister for Kannada and Culture, Govt. of Karnataka) to Dean Gunnarson, Sri N. N. Pal (DGM, Corporation Bank) and Sri Jayakrishna A. Shetty (Jaykrishna Industries Mumbai). The people returned with an event in their mind that they had never ever seen before and probably will not in the near future.

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