"Dean Gunnarson's Wide World of Escape - The Triple Decker of Car-nage!"

Exploding car escapeThe Triple Decker of Carnage escape had never been attempted before. Dean Gunnarson was tightly chained inside a car, His torso was chained and padlocked to the frame of the car His hands were secured with multiple sets of handcuffs Legs were chained to the brake pedal more chains were wrapped around his neck (twice), then attached to the car body. In addition he was handcuffed to the steering wheel. Over 50 feet of heavy duty chains and nearly a dozen heavy duty padlocks were used to prevent him from escaping a horrible crushing and explosive end... A forklift then placed Dean's car atop a pile of 2 other cars forming a triple decker tower of cars over 10 feet high, the cars had explosives inside. Just a few feet away was a large ramp set up so a trajectory of a car traveling at better than 50 miles an hour would crash directly into the top car with Dean Gunnarson inside.   Oh and did we mention the explosives in the car with Dean?

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Photos by Jeno Horvath

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