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Extreme Escape Artist "Extreme Escape Artist" Extreme Daredevil "Dare-Devil" Extreme Dare Devil "Stunt Man" Extreme Stunt Man

World's Greatest Escape Artist "World's Greatest Escape Artist" World's Greatest Escape Artist

  • DEAN GUNNARSON has been called them all while he has preformed some of the most daring and death-defying extreme escapes the world has ever seen.

  • Dangled by his toes from a trapeze 726 feet over Hoover Dam in Las Vegas escaping from a straitjacket in Las Vegas.

  • Handcuffed by Police inside a Cadillac and had to escape while the car was being crushed in a car crusher in Los Angles.

  • Locked in a Shark Cage underwater taking 2.5 minutes to escape and break the surface at Disneyland.

  • Drowned no pulse or heart beat but revived by paramedics after trying to escape from a Coffin that has nailed shut and bound in chains that was submerged in an icy river in Canada.

  • Chained with handcuffs and locked in a strait jacket and thrown from an airplane 13,500 feet in the air. Dean had to escape while falling over 200 km’s an hour towards the ground in Japan.

  • Nailed in a packing crate and thrown in the ocean near the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Locked in a barrel and submerged under water in a giant sea aquarium with over 100 sharks in China.

  • Bound in Chains and locks and hung by ankles from a burning rope 200 feet above an audience of over 50,000 people in India and a crowd over 100,000 in Egypt.

  • Recreated Houdini’s most famous and dangerous escapes in a major theatre production in Iceland.

  • A SWAT team binds Dean in a punishment suit and must escape on LIVE television in Venezuela.

  • Has performed over 150 stage and television shows in Taiwan and mainland China.

  • Dean was bound in a strait jacket, chains and locks, He was covered in chicken blood and meat. He then dangled by his toes from a trapeze over 130 man eating alligators as they tried to rip him to shreds in the Florida Everglades.

  • Holds 2 World Records for his escapes and appeared on "The Amazing Record Holders" TV Show in Thailand.

  • Dean is handcuffed, manacled and then thrown in a 260,000 gallon tank of salt water with a giant Stingray in Hawaii.

  • Dean is the successor of the greatest escape artist to live since Houdini, "The Amazing Randi".

  • Became the youngest person and first Canadian to be awarded the U.C.T. "Humanitarian of the Year" in 100 years for his devotion to raising money for various charities. Dean was chosen out of 185,000 people nominated in North America.

  • Dean was voted one of the Top variety acts in the World on the television show "Belie Frisca" in Italy.

  • Dean became the only escape artist in History to be presented with "The Houdini Award" and acknowledged as being the "World’s Greatest Escape Artist" on television in Japan.

  • "Dean Gunnarson is well on is way of being the Greatest Escape Artist of All Time!" - Quote by Guinness Book of World Records TV Show.

    Dean’s Personal Favourites:

    • Drink - Dr. Pepper and 7-11 Slurpee’s
    • Book - Flim Flam by James Randi
    • Music - Aerosmith, U2, Johnny Cash
    • Sports Team - Dallas Cowboys Football Club
    • Food - Thai and Mexican
    • Colour - Sky blue & Black
    • Movie - Apocalypse Now, Star Wars, and The Last Samurai
    • Pastimes - Skydiving, Scuba Diving and being out in Nature

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