"Dean Gunnarson Challenges Death At Aerosmith's 9 Lives CD Release Party."

AerosmithAerosmith, after an almost three year hiatus, released their 20th album, appropriately entitled "9 Lives." No one understands resurrection better than Dean Gunnarson, the World's Greatest Escape Artist, who has defied Death on numerous occasions. Who better to participate in Aerosmith's "9 Lives" CD Release than a man who challenges the Grim Reaper every day?

Dean Gunnarson, seen in over 40 countries around the world, currently holds 2 World Records for escape, and has successfully executed every one of Houdini's great escapes, including the infamous Chinese Water Torture Cell. Determined to be the greatest Escape Artist of all time, Dean has devised and escaped from numerous original predicaments himself.


"World's Greatest Escape Artist Triumphant At Aerosmith's 9 Lives CD Release Party."

AerosmithAerosmith & Dean Gunnarson

        At the Manhattan Centre in New York City, Dean Gunnarson faced one of his greatest challenges to date surviving an escape never before attempted. Before Aerosmith took to the stage, and to the hit single "Crash" from their new album, "9 Lives," Dean Gunnarson's manacled and chain bound body was suspended upside down, hovering precariously above a sea of spikes. The rope to which his ankles were fixed was promptly set on fire and the death defying escape ensued before a frenzied crowd. Attendees to this unprecedented event were as out of control as the flames that devoured the rope, at the end of which Dean Gunnarson was thrashing to Aerosmith's driving beat. With the clock ticking and the flames licking, 2 minutes and 17 seconds later, Dean Gunnarson successfully extricated his body from this blazing bondage, and descended to the stage like magic, barely avoiding the razor spikes that could have easily ended his life.
        This auspicious event for Dean was successful beyond his imagining and was a "once in a life time" experience. Dean is presently escaping his way to his home in Vancouver, and will be arriving on April 1st where he will continue his personal performances for the delight of his Vancouver fans. [The picture to the right shows Dean Gunnarson with members of the Aerosmith band.]


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