The Return of Houdini


The Return of Houdini theatrical production"The Return of Houdini" is a new and original theatre production that tells the life story of Harry Houdini in a unique and entertaining style. All of Houdini’s greatest illusions and escapes are preformed in this family oriented extravaganza. The story is told by a Madman M.C. in a Moulon Rouge look and feel.

The show features a large international cast from Iceland, England, Poland, Australia, the U.S.A. and Canada. It is filled with actors, dancers, acrobatic clowns, magicians and "The World's Greatest Escape Artist." Dean Gunnarson attempts Houdini’s most daring escapes including the Milk Can and Chinese Water Torture Cell. He was also a technical advisor and consultant for the play.

Alaya & Tanya from Las Vegas perform the amazing illusions of the show similar to Houdini and his wife Bess, but with a very modern style and flair.

The show opened in Iceland and will be translated into various other languages to tour Europe and North America.


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