"Chinese Water Torture Cell -- Tokyo"

Chinese Water Torture Cell -- TokyoTony Curtis and Dean Gunnarson with the Chinese Water Torture CellThe foot high crystal hand stretches upwards, a symbol of freedom and ascension -- much like Dean Gunnarson. Dean was presented with the Houdini Award during a two hour television special, "Magic Star," hosted by Tony Curtis. Tony Curtis portrayed Houdini in the 1953 film of the same title. Dean was as awestruck with meeting Tony Curtis, as he would have been had he met Houdini himself. In fact, Dean was so elated, Tony gave Dean a hug! Respecting Dean's official title as the "World's Greatest Escape Artist", Dean was honoured with the show's grand finale placement, during which he performed Houdini's most dangerous escape, the famous Chinese Water Torture Cell. One of the most physically demanding escapes, Dean's ankles are locked and bound into the lid of the water torture cell. Upside Down, Dean is lowered into the confining cell containing 1000 litres of water. Seconds later, the lid is sealed to the cell with padlocks. Before the world, in two and a half minutes, Dean reappears drenched yet unharmed, affirming he is "The World's Greatest Escape Artist".

Houdini Award - Water Torture Cell -- Tokyo
"To be recognized by my peers as the greatest -- a guy from Winnipeg, Canada -- is phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal," Dean said upon receiving the Houdini Award.


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