Escape from the Car Crusher "Jaws of Death" -- Los Angeles 1990


It is not enough for Dean Gunnarson to escape Houdini's self devised restrictive devices. Dean is compelled to create and escape from a multitude of ingenious and harrowing machinations of his own design. One such event is the world renowned "Car Crusher," displayed exclusively for the televised "Spectacular World of Guinness Records" in Los Angeles, and for which he earned one of two placements in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Exploding car escape

For this unequaled feat, Dean is handcuffed and chained into a 1970 Cadillac by the South Pasadena Chief of Police. Dean's neck is chained to the steering wheel, his legs are bound to the brake pedal and his arms are fastened to the doors.


Car Crusher

The Cadillac is lifted into a car crusher which is then set in motion, its menacing steel jaws closing, threatening to end the life of this escape artist.

Car Crusher

Dean combats the chains binding him in a fight for his life.
Car Crusher

2 minutes and 7 seconds later, Dean leaps from the Cadillac, free -- and not a second too soon as his former prison is engulfed in the destructive jaws of the Car Crusher. Guinness announced without reservation: "Dean Gunnarson is well on his way to becoming the Greatest Escape Artist of all time."


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