"The Punishment Suit - Caracas, Venezuela"

The Punishment Suit - Caracas, VenezuelaTwo members of the Caracas City Police bound Dean live on National Venezuelan television. The officers immobilized his entire body from his neck down including his arms being strapped around him. This method of restraint makes it extremely difficult to breath. Even his legs were encased in heavy canvas and then further restricted by heavy leather straps around them making it impossible for Dean to move an inch.



The Punishment Suit - Caracas, Venezuela

This body prison was meant for Dean to stay in until he had to leave the country, but he had other plans. Dean had two shows that evening and to the delight of the cheering crowd , he escaped in full view with an exhausting effort. Once he completely escaped the police men raised Gunnarson onto their shoulders, nearly dropping him with excitement, as they were overjoyed with his amazing feat of escapology.


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