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Dean Gunnarson launches his first book
Dean Gunnarson:
The Making of an Escape Artist

Sunday, April 24 at 2:00 p.m.
McNally Robinson, 1120 Grant Avenue

You are invited to join Dean and award winning author, Carolyn Gray, as they launch a book that takes readers inside the life of the "World's Most Daring Escape Artist". Guests will have an opportunity to meet Dean and ask him questions.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 24 at 2:00 p.m. at McNally Robinson in Grant Park Mall, Winnipeg, MB

About the Book
Dean Gunnarson: The Making Of An Escape Artist is a beautiful and magically
written story that takes an inside look at how dealing with the challenges, pain, and life threatening obstacles of having Leukemia at 12 years old helped shape Dean to becoming the modern day daredevil that he is today.

Dean Gunnason's new bookIt also tells the story of how a teenage Dean meets another young friend who was battling cancer named Phil Hornan. The two of them set out on an epic adventure of escaping from R.C.M.P. detachments across Manitoba. As they learn to escape from handcuffs, straight jackets, and jail cells, they soon face their toughest challenge; escaping from Stony Mountain Penitentiary. Somehow they always find a way to achieve the impossible and escape their maximum security restraints. As Philip's cancer becomes incurable they look for a miracle in searching out psychics and faith healers. Even the legendary magician Doug Henning becomes friends with Phil and tries to find a magic way to help save his life. Sadly, Philip losses his fight with cancer at the age of 15. This year marks the 30th anniversary of his passing. Shortly after Phil's death all the dreams and hopes that the two teenagers had planned start to materialize for Dean and he gets to perform on the biggest stage of his life, on live TV in Los Angles in front of millions of people. Then two decades later Phil comes back into Dean's life and gives him one last gift that changes his life forever.

About the Author

Carolyn Gray is a Winnipeg theatre artist, puppeteer, playwright, creative writing instructor, and winner of the John Hirsch Award for Most Promising New Writer and
the Manitoba Day Award.

Dean Gunnarson: The Making Of An Escape Artist is available at McNally Robison book stores and online at www.amazon.ca

Media Inquiries
To arrange a media interview or ask questions about the book, contact Dean at 204-612-9798 or deangunnarson@gmail.com

About Dean Gunnarson

Dean has been seen on television in over 165 countries around the world and holds two world records for escaping. He has escaped hanging by his feet from a trapeze bar 726 feet over the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas getting out of a stright jacket, locked up and thrown out of airplane at 13,500 feet, chained inside a car and feed through a car crusher, buried alive 6 feet underground for 2 days in a metal tomb with no food or water and then escaped, locked in a snake pit with several dozen deadly pit vipers crawling over him, locked in a coffin and thrown into the ocean surrounded by hundreds of sharks, and chained to the tracks in front a speeding roller coaster heading to run over him. Dean Gunnarson is the last of the Gladiator's and a cross between his childhood hero's Evil Knievel and Harry Houdini. Dean's award nominated TV series Escape or Die! can be watched several times a week across Canada on CityTv and is also being aired around the world.
Dean recently turned 52, which is also the age at which the Great Harry Houdini
died on October 31,1926.

On April 26 Dean Gunnarson returns to China to face more death defying escapes.

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Email: DeanGunnarson@gmail.com

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